The Zhuang brocade, and brocade, brocade, Song Jin and Jin of the four, China, reportedly originated in the Song Dynasty, it is the treasure of Chinese culture. Zhuang brocade is called MBAw Laiz fax, meaning the day pattern of the page is with cotton as warp, with various colored velvet weft, using the method of off by Wei cleverly woven into art.

Zhuang brocade is vivid, structured, colorful, full of warm and cheerful national style, embodies Zhuang people's worship of heaven and earth and the pursuit of a better life and yearning. Jingxi is one of Guangxi Zhuangjin origin, has a long history and rich cultural heritage.


Also known as "Jin Zhuang brocade", "Edelweiss", relatively thick. Known as one of the four famous China Jin Zhuang Jin, Guangxi is the treasure of Chinese culture, the most suitable for quilt cover, backpack, bag, apron and cloth etc.. Zhuang brocade is cotton or linen yarn as warp, twist or twist to the micro two color weft woven into a flower, form a symmetrical pattern in the fabric of the front and back, and the organization of full coverage, increasing the thickness, but also useful in many kinds of color weft picks, patterns and complex organization with geometric patterns, bright color, strong contrast, with more straightforward style of art.


Jingxi Zhuangjin participated in the national, the national arts and crafts exhibition held, products are exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions, favored by foreign investors, the 1976 Jingxi Brocade Factory production of ethnic brocade by the autonomous region quality first, 1989 Zhuangjin series was named Guangxi minority commodity quality award. In 2006, the arts of Jingxi Zhuang people were listed in the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.

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