Free weekend driving in Jingxi

      Travel mode: self driving (Nanning - Jingxi) Three Hourly.
      Itinerary plan:
      DAY1 Morning: the old street, afternoon Stephen goose. Dinner is on the side of the goose spring farmer's family food, feeling small and expensive, but the chicken and duck and fish are fed by home, the taste is very good.
    DAY2 : early in the Grand Canyon, the sun is accompanied by the sun. Tongling is very close to Detian Waterfall. It is a good time to play two scenic spots a day, end the tour of the spirit and return to Nanning.
      All right, look at the picture ......

          Starting in the morning, the weekend two days, not long, far away, in Guangxi, driving in the territory is a good choice. Guangxi has a lot of qishanxiushui, is worth a good taste. The city of Nanning to Jingxi is on a new high speed, which is called "Drunk beautiful border highway" The car went to the little Jingmei here! CCTV called Chong Jing high speed

          Jingxi, located in the southwest border of Guangxi, contiguous with Vietnam, along the border. One hundred and fifty-two point five The km - long border line has two kinds of ports in two countries, the Dragon state and the Yueh polder. Four A border point, Thirty-six The entry passage is one of the important land passages of south-west to Southeast Asian countries, and has superior edge advantages.
          Many of the pictures are filmed by mobile phones, so the pixels may not be very high, but they are absolutely realistic. ......

When we are in the high-speed road in the traffic jam, we all the way, satisfied! Wow ha ha ha! Car less Jingmei ah!

        Guangxi Karst landform, along the way beautiful scenery, one of the tunnel scenery!

In fact, there are many beautiful places in Guangxi, such as simple country girls, beautiful and lovely.

Get up in the morning of the second day, open the curtains, the beautiful town morning!

    Eat breakfast to the street, from the county Eight Kilometers, along the road there is a road sign, very good to find. To the Ming and Qing Dynasties was the famous Hydrangea, governance of land to the state, built by the river, the stone floor, many ancient buildings, both sides of a large brick, thick wooden doors.

        The old building style is not what features, and behind the street landscape and pastoral plain in harmony, people's life and leisure time to stay in the heart, can be short or long, here is a garden city, can resolve the fast-paced live syndrome. At noon we go back to the county town to eat, and to the geese spring in the afternoon.

      Stephen goose sunset is very beautiful, Stephen goose is a spring, the local people speak some very beautiful legend, clear spring water, fish and shrimp free Manwu, I can't believe this time a living water could be so clear, not many scenic spots in the building, a few stone, but very appropriate, as if to from. To be honest, even in Guilin, the view is not so refreshing.

  Goose springs from the city Twenty The car is about a minute. There are a lot of cars on the road, please pay more attention to driving friends!

                The scenery in the dusk, the river has a lot of rafting, you can be free to sit!

    After dinner early rest, not what can visit the small town at night. Second days early to go to the Grand Canyon, Jingxi to the spirit Thirty A lot of kilometers. From the highways, the beauty of the road has gone. 20-30 Minutes at high speed, go to the Grand Canyon, Park Park Five A piece of money, a good price.
          Tickets for the Grand Canyon One hundred and fifteen An adult, the old man's price Ninety Yuan, One point two Children under rice are free of charge.
        We are old and old and young. We have been walking for a day.          
      The Grand Canyon walked down the hill down the stairs to the bottom of the valley. It was very quiet and quiet. It was suggested that everyone wear sports shoes to climb the valley.


                At the bottom of the valley, a waterfall comes down from the sky. Everyone raised their cameras and took a photo!


A waterfall is a waterfall cave, torrents, resounded through the valley like Ten thousand steeds gallop.! The bottom of the cave is very worthy of a careful, wet clothes, can take an umbrella or a raincoat, we are running across the water!


The water is very heavy at the bottom of the valley, and the camera's friends need to pay attention to the waterproof. The cell phone party is much more relaxed, not afraid of water vapor!

          As the ancients said the Yellow River water to the sky Running to the sea! The scene is very spectacular!


    The bottom of river outflow, the water is clean!

                From the bottom to the sky, like a frog!

    The direction of the tunnel exit in a coffin, because it is not taboo to take pictures, send a text.
          Finally, we take the sight seeing bus ticket back to export. one person Five Yuan.

          The valley, a pedestrian to Aibucun starting.
Return the gas station on the opposite side of the shop in the cave of Rice noodles to eat a bowl of cooked pork sausage Rice noodles, Five A bowl of money, their powder is made by themselves, the material is delicious, very delicious! There are some sausages packed in the back. It's so delicious.

            Satiate, we drove to see the source of the group falls down a few people walk the trail, the road is very small, the back road, three cars turn extremely difficult, so the test technology! But the beauty you see is unique!

              Lanes are paddy fields and wild flowers, taste Pumianerlai daohuaxiang!

              Detian Waterfall falls group is upstream of the source is said to geese in the spring.

            A corner of the top waterfall is peeping through the jungle.

              Climb to a high point and finally look at the panorama of the waterfall.



          There are a lot of Ge Sanghua near the waterfall. But it's time to go back.

Prompt If don't want to go to the falls, also can choose to go to Detian Waterfall, because this is no longer to go, so

Jingxi, if quiet and hidden in the mountains, if everyone has a pure corner of the heart, Jingxi is the most suitable corner.


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