Welfare strikes: Five point one nine China Tourism Day psychic Canyon tickets are half price!

Summary: 51 small holiday did not play enough? No problem! "China Tourism Day", channeling Grand Canyon Scenic Spot tickets half price! 50% Off!


Great concern of the whole people,

You don't know OUT La

Yearly Five month Nineteen For the day " China Tourism Day

So here comes the question...

Why China Tourism Day?

Fixed yearly Five month Nineteen What about the sun?

This is to say China's Ming Dynasty great traveler and geographer, historian and writer Xu Xiake, in the history of China's most famous Traveler, a commoner who walk in nature, footprints all over the country Nineteen Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.

Thirty Over the years, Xu Xiake has covered more than half of China and has written many travel notes Sixty The words "Xu Xiake travel", opened "Xu Xiake's travels", the first is the "Tiantai Mountain travel diary", in which Xu Xiake wrote "Guichou March dark ( One thousand six hundred and thirteen year Five month Nineteen Day, from Ninghai) Simon, the Reachon, satisfactory in pregnant state, all."

Four hundred Years ago, Xu Xiake made a small step, but became a big step in China's tourism. The spirit of the unknown, the unknown, is engraved forever in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Two thousand and one year Five month Nineteen Zhejiang, Ninghai Ma Shaoqin Xu Xiake on behalf of the Ninghai travel club, the establishment of "China Tourism Day" issued recommendations to the society, suggested that "Xu Xiake's travels" first "tour of Tiantai Mountain" opening day (diary Five month Nineteen On the other hand, it is named as "China Tourism Day", which is a lasting memory and commemoration of Xu Xiake. It encourages the people of the whole country to stride forward into the world tourism power.

Two thousand and eleven year Three month Thirty On the 16th, the State Council executive meeting formally adopted resolutions Two thousand and eleven Beginning every year Five month Nineteen China is celebrated as tourism day. So far, China Tourism Day was born like this!

Life requires a journey that says "go" and "go",

Five month Nineteen China's tourist day is approaching,

Are you ready? ?

Five A. Nineteen In order to respond to the call of the state, and to meet the theme of "travel, love life", the "Grand Canyon" launched by the Grand Canyon was launched in response to the call of the state Five month Nineteen Japan adult tickets half price preferential policy, all in China on the day of travel, on-site ticket buyers can enjoy this offer, remember, half price!


Discount time:     2017 year Five month Nineteen day

Favoured policy: " "China Tourism Day" that day, cash Ticket, that is, you can enjoy the preferential policy of adult ticket discount, that is, in addition to One point two Meters below the children free of charge, and adult 1.2~1.4 The children's fares are both Fifty-five Yuan / zhang!

What are you waiting for? Let's set off together on China's tourist day!

The psychic Canyon waits for you to come!

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