; ";"; ";"; ";"; "chanting Grand Canyon" join hands with Guangxi TV "health friend road", to bring you to enjoy the health of nature.

  Summary: this Saturday ( Eight month Twenty-six The Grand Canyon, hand in hand with the TV channel of Guangxi television station, officially opened "into the community." Send health community clinic public welfare activities!! Activity scene, Tongling Grand Canyon launch special preferential release, wait for you to come!

  The doctor is expensive? Is the hospital registered too long? Never mind!!! Your annoyance, The Grand Canyon to help you share it ~



To make it convenient for you to see a doctor at the door. book Saturday ( Eight month Twenty-six Day, The Tongling Grand Canyon is hand in hand with the TV channel of Guangxi TV station. In Nanning Fortune world square of Ming City in the times of South Road Officially open "into the community" Send health "large community clinic public welfare activities!!



At the same time in the free clinic experience, The Grand Canyon will be launched on the scene Health and health maintenance Two Tour The boutique line. Original price Five hundred and eighty-eight element / People, active site registration can be enjoyed Four hundred and eighty-eight element / People's special discount! Remember, just need Four hundred and eighty-eight Per person!


A little more beautiful gift Activity scene, pay attention to The Tongling Grand Canyon Scenic Spot The official WeChat public number can be a beautiful and delicate gift of the scenic spot! A lot of concessions! A lot of gifts! What are you waiting for? We wait for you on the scene!!!!


When it comes to health, how little is it to come to the Grand Canyon in Guangxi!


Step on foot to add health and vitality


The canyon stroll, bathing the natural oxygen bar


Green gourmet, touching the taste buds of health


A quiet place, return to health and nature



Full of health elements, every one is the reason why you must come.

Quickly pull buddy, Tongling Canyon to enjoy a healthy journey!

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