Did your travel plan come true at the end of the year? In December 23rd, The Grand Canyon will be in

Guangxi Daily: Sina A live platform , Introduction Large network live activity !

Border landscape, aesthetical Gallery, Watch the original ecological health fam Tongling canyon!

Tell you about the N reasons to come to the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon, the mysterious subtropical rain forest, the original ecological spectacle,

Picturesque scenery, waterfalls waterfalls hanging, primitive cave colorful,

Blue Zhuang culture has a long history, beautiful as the distance in your heart!

Swim Canyon, finding the original ecological wonders!

The Tongling Grand Canyon is a very primitive kingdom of ancient plants. According to the experts' textual research, this is "except for Xishuangbanna,"

The most species of plants, so the Tongling Grand Canyon is entitled "the greenest Canyon in the world".

Here the growth of a rare tree, Guanyin lotus fern Alsophila seat, and the legendary "bite the tree" and "tree ears",

Like Jurassic Park. Here, you can wash, wash the eyes!

In addition, there are a variety of natural wild medicinal plants in the growth of this unique medicinal plant fragrance,

Give people a refreshing feeling, it is also known as the "Chinese Zhuang Valley", according to medical research shows that natural medicinal aromatic plants, has a unique effect of healing!

Twelve month Twenty-three day ,   Welcome to the Tongling Canyon, bathed in the fragrance of Zhuang medicine, to learn the essence of nature or watch live,

A journey to explore the different "Jurassic living fossil plants" with the authoritative botanists.

Across time and space, pursue physical and mental freedom!

Travel is a beautiful passage to inner joy and freedom. When you meet a beauty, you will find that the scenery can be moved.

It can also be inspired by the mind, and at a certain moment, suddenly open the world hidden in the bottom of the heart.

The Grand Canyon Here are the original plants, the ancient culture, and the happy free dance, so that you can free your body and mind in this quiet landscape.

  December 23rd ,

Welcome everyone to come The Grand Canyon ,

Here is the free dance of impromptu,

With mountains and rivers as partners, and insects,

A physical and mental collision with nature!

Spanning time and space, chasing the most original happy time!

The body and the mind, there is always a way to pursue freedom! A dance, to restore free time for you!

Shuttle history, explore the charm of the humanities!

From the entrance to the valley not far away, you can see the side of the artificial stone, said Song, Lennon Chicco was defeated in Kunlunguan after di qing,

With countless gold and silver treasures, he withdrew back, and hid eighteen of the gold in the cave in this wall, so it was called the hidden gold hole.

The local has been such a folk song: "mountain of rock on the mountain, find the hidden rocks, Jindong, Guangdong and Guangxi eat.

"If these eighteen pieces of gold are related to you, maybe you will be the owner of it."

In 2005, eight tourists in the cave gorge read accidentally discovered a coffin, the ancient cave burial mystery unsolved, the people also sigh spectacle, a veil of mystery for psychic fam mongolia!

Step through the 818 steps, walking on the old stone on the road, thinking about how many ancient people have walked here, can not help sighing the magic of the years!

In December 23rd, The Grand Canyon Invite you to explore this unique historical site...

Three Live broadcast, Three times Open up a fresh outlook tour,

Uncover the mysterious veil of the Grand Canyon for you step by step! The 23 day of this month , The Grand Canyon is waiting for you!

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