Captivating Goddess

What is a goddess?

What is a goddess

Woman, in your laughter there is the music of the fountain of life.  

Tagore (India)

Every woman may play multiple roles.

Mother, wife, daughter, female classmate, female supervisor

Girlfriend, girlfriend, sister, man, queen...


What remains unchanged is that,

Faced with various problems,

They are brave and proud, fierce and clanking.

They are calm and elegant.


Like a sunflower in full bloom,

With a warm and upward attitude of life,

Running hard to find their own quiet years.


In their own world,

She is a shining heroine.

She is a brave and gorgeous queen!


Three month Eight day

This day, you are the biggest!  

In this special festival,

Bless every goddess:

May you work hard all your life and be loved all your life.

I hope you will not be affected by the wind and snow, there will always be shoulders to rely on.

May you not be humble and unflinching, keep your heart forever, and be gentle in the world!



The rights and interests of the goddess will be released to enjoy your exclusive rights!

Tongling Grand Canyon Scenic Area launched special activities on this day.

Three month Eight On the day of the day,

Jingxi women buy tickets in cash with their ID cards.

Enjoy Ninety element / Personal discount ~


It's an invitation from spring to enjoy the freshness of the canyon.

Spring is the right time to go green, goddess, go quickly!

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