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Border wonders Dream Canyon

Tongling Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Lake run Town, Baise City, Guangxi, Jingxi. It is located in the south of the Tropic of cancer, the southern margin of the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, and away from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Two hundred and thirty Kilometer, belong to subtropics area.

Psychic Canyon length Three point eight Kilometers, by channeling gorge, read eight gorge and underground river, through a tunnel connection, superhuman skill, elegant aura. The canyon cliffs Maninsan 1000, a deep, high cliff hanging giant stalactites, trees, vines cover. A mysterious cavern; a deep pool of water and gas. The water curtain cave, underground river, majestic and grand waterfalls, streams meander, gurgling water, full of the valley The grass is green and luxuriant.

Tongling canyon was a blind Valley, as a result of geological movement, by day, valley at the top of the fall, into a large sinkhole, surrounded by steep cliffs, magnificent momentum, the canyon showed a vibrant spectacular, a variety of rare ancient plants full of vigour. Deep canyons, clear streams, lush vegetation and falls One hundred and eighty-eight point six Meters of psychic waterfalls add radiance to each other, making the canyon full of vitality and spirituality.


The canyon is a typical former Munster geomorphology, after millions of years, has formed its unique features. The canyon is connected by underground rivers, caves and tunnels. The scenery is extraordinary and breathtaking. Step over Eight hundred and eighteen Look back only to see the sky and the first steps into the tunnel, the perennial Benxie and up to Sixty A cascade of meters connected to the sky and the earth". From the bottom up, like a pair of tears "Sableye lovingly pathetic", let a person moving, sigh!

The wonders of the cave are varied, "The Shijing fairyland" is a major feature of the canyon. Through the entrance of the big cave, along the tunnel under the order and pick up to gorge Valley, eyes bright, like "as described in the" Peach Blossom Spring click into place, and as the "mountain" in Lu Xi "There is a way out." come back when I do not know where the road has been.

Green drops

Lin vast, mottled sunlight into the light and shadow to stagger, feel the South Asian tropical forests and fostered by the supernatural. There are Jurassic dinosaur age plants known as living fossils - Cyathea, lotus marattiaceae Jue; known as the pride of the psychic gomuti palm and magic [], [tree bite ears] tree etc. rare original vegetation of the canyon rendered verdant. Canyon negative oxygen ion content is high, is a natural big oxygen bar, is a green leisure health a major resort.


The height is One hundred and eighty-eight point six Meters of psychic waterfall poured down the cliff and disappeared into the underground river where the source was. The peak of white stone with practice, gushing springs, waterfall cave cave together, gurgling streams and misty mountains, or lightness or surging.


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