A few most are woody species of them. It is the only wood Pteridophyte that has been found, extremely precious, the national treasure, the endangered plant of the first class protected by many countries. , There are "living fossils".

Cyathea, alias snake wood, is Cyatheaceae , Alsophila Ferns, there are " Fern The king " Praise. Most are can grow into a tree fern, also known as " Fern " . Stems erect, hollow like pen, Cyathea, leaves spirally arranged on the top of the stem. Tree ferns. Stem erect, with remaining petioles on the upper part, densely interwoven with adventitious roots. Leaves spirally arranged in the top of the stem; stem end and circinate leaf and base of petiole densely scaly and scurfy scaly hair scale, dark brown, shiny, narrowly lanceolate, apex brown brown setaceous, with both sides and narrow pale erose edge; petiole usually brown or above the light side and shaft and the shaft of a feather with spines. The two sides of the back with a discontinuous line upwards to lenticels, leaf.

Cyathea in montane woodland or near the creek, altitude 260-1600 M. Half shade Cyatheaceae trees, hi warm and humid climate, like growth or Forest Creek Valley in alluvial soil. Love grows in the wet valley Cyatheaceae slopes and stream of sunny places, or hundreds of strains of ten strains constant are the dominant community, are scattered in the edge of forest shrubs.

Alsophila mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions, Southeast and south of Japan were distributed. It is mainly distributed in Japan, Vietnam, Kampuchea, northern Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Chinese distribution in Guangxi (Baise, Wuzhou, Wuming, Miao Shan, Cangwu, Rongxian County, Longsheng, Pubei, Debao, Luo, Jinxiu).


These ancient ferns can be made into arts and crafts and traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, it is also a popular garden ornamental tree.

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